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A pet is the only thing on earth who loves you more than you do; adore your tail-wagger back by gifting a marvelous Custom Handmade Pet Portrait Painting by PortraitFlip.

 Why Get A Pet Portrait From Photo?

  • You can commemorate your deceased pet with a memorial painting.
  • You can gift a Pet Portrait to your near and dear ones on special occasions like Pet’s Birthday, Pet Owner’s Birthday, Christmas, or even Valentine’s Day.
  • You could fancy a Merged Pet Portrait on your living room wall with all your pets in one painting even if they were not snapped together.
  • You can add humor to your living or working spaces with a Royal Pet Portrait.
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What Else Do We Offer?

Customize your Pet Portrait with PortraitFlip’s free service to make it more special!

  • Get a Memoria Pet Portrait:

Pets have a short life, but they love us unconditionally for every minute of their existence.

Commemorate such a lovely bond with a Memorial Portrait. You can tell us that you lost the pet, and we can add a halo or show a rainbow bridge in the portrait.

You can also add a custom message on the portrait very close to you and the pet.

Memorial portraits are one of the best ways to move on.

Read more about it or see the sample by clicking here.

  • Merge Multiple Pets Into One Painting:

How about picking all your furry friends and putting them into one painting?

All you need is a photo of every pet, that’s it! Leave the difficult job to us!

We will merge all the pets into one painting, and once you approve the merged picture preview, we will start the painting process. This feature attracts no extra cost.

Want to know more? Click Here!

  • Royal Pet Portraits:

A Royal Pet Portrait is a painting in which we make your pet look like a King, Queen, Prince, Princess, or any other custom attire you like at no extra cost at all.

A Royal Pet Portrait adds a lot of humor to living spaces and is a perfect centerpiece!

See Royal Masterpieces Here!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Click on the Paint My Portrait button and select compilation portraits. While customizing your order, upload at least one photo of each character and place the order.
We will send you a photoshop design within 1-2 days. At this point, you can suggest changes or approve the design. The approved design goes to the artist, and he starts painting the merged portrait.

It is recommended to upload the photos with high clarity for high-quality painting. You also have the option to ask the artist about which one looks better; in this case, upload all the pictures and in the notes section, leave a comment saying, “I need the artist to select the best photo”. We will take confirmation from you and start painting.

Yes! Place your order by uploading the photos of your dog; try to upload clear photos. Leave a comment in the Order Notes saying, “I need a Royal Portrait in the attire of Prince Charles or any other of your choice,” and place the order.

We will select the best one and send a Photoshop Preview; at this point, you can suggest Unlimited Changes or approve the design. Once you approve, we start the painting process.

Yes! Since we are going to hand-paint the portrait, there is a lot of scope for custom elements. Leave your custom requirement in the Order Notes, and we will accommodate them in the first photoshop design that will be sent in 1-3 days. At this point, you can suggest as many changes as you wish, and only after approval will we start the painting process.


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100% Money Back Guarantee + Free Shipping Worldwide!

Pay Only 30% In Advance. The Rest Only After Approving Your Painting!